Downing Street & Brussells agree deal for UK to Leave the European Union, rendering Benn act powerless




1) Does it take us out of the Customs Union? Yes.
2) Does it takes us out of the Common Agricultural Policy? Yes. 
3) Does it take us out of Fisheries? Yes.
4) Does it abolish State Aid regulations? Yes.
5) Can we set our own VAT rates? Yes.
6) When do we leave? October 31st.

If Parliament vote it down, the Benn Act is null and void. The Benn Act says that if there is no deal by October 19th, the UK must ask for an extension. There is a Deal. By agreeing a deal with the EU that the DUP does not support Boris has rendered the Benn Surrender Bill powerless and effectively has left the UK Parliament with two weeks to decide, literally, deal or no deal.

Check mate, Remainers.

“There will be NO extension. We have a deal.” – Jean Claude Juncker

There will be no extension. The Benn act is dead. John Claude-Juncker even barks the point at this reporter: 



Screenshot of briefing Downing Street emailed to MPs (to read, save to device and zoom in):


Read the full agreement here:



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