Labour MP threatened with being ‘gunned down’ and called a ‘f****** traitor’

Melanie Onn Labour MP

A Labour MP said she has been threatened with being “gunned down” on the day a top Metropolitan Police officer warned about a “creeping rise” in far-right extremism as a result of Brexit.

But this threat appears to come from a remainer intent on a second referendum.

Melanie Onn, MP for Great Grimsby, shared on Twitter the message she received from a member of the public, who had given the name Helen.

It read: “‘You are a f****** traitor you silly f****** bitch. We will remember your actions you spineless shit. Watch your back or you will not be forgiven. TRAITOR.’”

The MP said the same person sent a follow-up email including the message: “The likes of you should be f****** gunned down.”

Ms Onn, who came out against a second referendum earlier this week, added:

“Everyone in Grimsby knows I’ve never backed down from a debate, even when I’ve had unpopular POV (including in referendum), but we must be allowed to have an opinion without this nonsense.”

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Melanie Onn MP letter
Melanie Onn MP

Melanie Onn Labour MP for Great Grimsby states:


Jo Cox, who was Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was killed after being repeatedly shot and stabbed in Birstall in June 2016. Her killer, Thomas Mair, gave his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” at his first court appearance.

It seems normal practice for a small selection of hardcore remainers and leave supporters to use the terms “Terrorist and Traitors”

It is only coincidence earlier this week I posted this article ‘Labour’s composite motion was always an ‘OPTION’ for a Second referendum, not a ‘POLICY.’


The article was shared across social media and meany Left wing forums, on one Facebook forum a Labour Party Forum at that the Party to which I am a member. I was tagged in a comment from a member of the forum who stated:


BREXITEERS ARE UTTERLY SELFISH in MANY regards because this BREXIT carrot has been dangled, you’re all chasing that dream without regard for your family or fellow country men.

In any other language, you would be classed as either a terrorist or a traitor.

Now explain to me what part of that you thought about when you voted??? I BET NONE OF IT…


In any other language, you would be classed as either a terrorist or a traitor.
In any other language, you would be classed as either a terrorist or a traitor.

Being an ex-soldier who served in campaigns including Northern Ireland I found the statement a little amusing but also slightly disturbing that supposedly a Labour supporter or member would comment in such an extreme way.

The Labour Party is very split on the issue of Brexit, but however no matter which camp supporters and members fall under most debate the issues with a sense of normality.

That does not apply to all. On both sides of the debate there are extremist and hotheads. The Lexit supporters do tend to watch their P’s & Q’s a little more than the remainers. I have personally witnessed the removal of many Lexit supporting Labour members for the least of infringements on Labour Party forums while remain supporters seem able to break forum rules with impunity.

What is clear is that the political class need to resolve Brexit sooner rather than later. This is the most critical time in modern UK history the farce presented by all political classes and campigne groups like the so called people’s vote and the press need to stop scaremongering the public and a political solution made.

A once in a generation decision.

Stated on the Government website

Published 6 April 2016

Parliament gave the People this choice, Parliament enacted article 50 now Parliament need to do their job and take us out of the EU. 

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