Hong Kong Airport is canceling all flights due to protests

Protesters protest in the arrivals hall of the Hong Kong airport. Vincent Thian / AP

The authorities in Hong Kong have severely curtailed air traffic in the face of continuing protests against the government. Thousands of demonstrators have already gathered in the terminals.

Hong Kong’s airport severely curtailed air traffic on Monday because of protests from the pro-democracy movement. All flights were canceled for the remainder of the day, the airport authority said.

Only flights where check-in was already completed in the afternoon are expected to take off. And only planes that are already on the way to Hong Kong could land. Heavy traffic jams on the roads to the airport, the authorities said, and the parking lots are full. The airport is regarded as an important hub in Southeast Asia and is one of the world’s busiest airports

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the airport’s departure and arrival hall on Monday to protest the government and police violence in previous protests in the city. According to police, it should be about 5000.

Black-clad activists chanted slogans in the terminals. The police should “give back” his eye to a demonstrator who had been badly injured by a rubber bullet. Also, they showed pictures of policemen who had used batons and tear gas against the demonstrators.

The protests, the air traffic “seriously disturbed,” said the authority. Previously, sit-ins had been held for three days during which the demonstrators explained to the passengers the motives behind the protests. However, the flight operations were not delayed much.

Airlines must submit crew list

In the former British crown colony of Hong Kong, there are two months repeatedly protests and riots. Thousands of people gathered at the weekend to protest against the government. Protesters gathered for peaceful protests at the airport.

Thousands also took to peaceful protest marches through the city, although some of them were forbidden by the police. After protesters had built barricades on the streets in many places on Saturday evening and Sunday evening, new clashes broke out. The police used tear gas.

Protesters at Hong Kong airport on Friday

Vincent Thian / AP / DPA

Protesters at Hong Kong airport on Friday

Several hundred demonstrators blocked a car tunnel on Saturday connecting the island of Hong Kong with the part of the city on the mainland. The scene of the clash was also the Metro, the police stormed several stops and arrested protesters. The demonstrators blocked several major roads and quickly changed the locations of their rallies with a so-called flash mob strategy, which made the police operation more difficult.

The trigger for the demonstrations was a – now frozen on ice – bill for the delivery of alleged criminals to China. The demonstrations evolved into a broader anti-government movement and intimidating police violence. Many people also fear Beijing’s increasing influence on life in the financial metropolis and demand democratic reforms.

China’s government is increasingly demanding that it restore order to the Special Administrative Region and stop the violence. China’s aerospace agency called on Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific airline on Friday not to release pilots and flight attendants for flights to mainland China engaging in “illegal protests.” Before each flight, a list of crew members must first be submitted and approved, the Hong Kong newspaper reported “South China Morning Post”.

abl / dpa / Reuters

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