In it together: Owen Jones​ was first published by Boris Johnson’​s sister, Rachel Johnson.


“Owen Jones is about as helpful as Russell Brand was in 2015”

Owen Jones​ was first published by Boris Johnson​s sister, Rachel Johnson.

He writes for Fauxcialist newsorgans like the Fabian Spectator & the *spits* Guardian. The former is an ultra blairite rag that speaks to an ever dwindling number of people, the latter abandoned any pretence of working class roots when the Scott Trust, the Guardian’s holding company, went limited, sold half their assets to a venture capital firm that pays little to no UK tax, and yet continues to rail against tax avoiders.

They also betrayed Glenn Greenwald, who exposed the warcrimes committed in Iraq​ – destroying his hard earned data from the Edward Snowden leak on behalf of GCHQ and the NSA.

Owen Jones​ is not, nor has he ever been, a ‘chav’, nor has anyone with whom Mr Jones chooses to spend his free time.

He does not represent, nor speak for working class people, and he has never done so. In the main, he advocates for the LGBT community, and more power to him – but why on earth are these champagne socialists trotted out and touted as representatives of the working class?

Can you seriously imagine Owen Jones going in to a Working Class environment and successfully convincing Working Class people of his political views?

The idea is risible nonsense – and yet this is the token ‘Working Class Voice’ the Guardian, Spectator & BBC trot out, endlessly.

He’s a middle class, London dwelling Liberal, remainer. He’s about as far from the Brexit voting working class that built the Labour Party as it is possible to be – he calls them ‘Gammon’, the same insult Saudi backed Wahaabi psychos use for non believers.

The man is a Boris Johnson advert.

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