Independent Group exposed breaching Data Protection Laws & trying to hack Labour Party membership data


The so called “independent group” are from the same faction of the Labour Party that regularly flouted the Data Protection Act to try to purge the Left from Labour during the #ChickenCoup.

Now they are out in the open they have been caught out breaking the law on data protection again, according to a Labour spokesperson:

“We have become aware of attempts to access personal data held on the party’s systems by individuals who are not authorised to do so.

Personal data the party holds about individuals is protected by law, under the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.”

General Secretary Jennie Formby reminded members:

“Data held by the party, including data within Contact Creator and other systems used for election or other campaigning work, may only be accessed by individuals who are authorised to access it, and may be used only for purposes authorised by the party as data controller.

Much of the data held on our systems tends to reveal individuals’ political opinions and is therefore ‘special category’ data, benefiting from enhanced protection under the legislation.”

The Blairite wing of the Labour Party have form on this, having broken the Data Protection act to attack left wing Labour members on numerous occasions in the past, resulting in Iain McNichol resigning from his office, along with his appartchik Sam Matthews.

McNichol’s man Matthews breaks the Data Protection Act & makes false statements to get people suspended from the Party – so why is he still working for Labour?

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