Theresa May’s Coalition of Chaos crumbles over Brexit/Irish border deal – do the Tories still have a majority?


“We have been very clear – Northern Ireland will be leaving the European Union on the same terms as the rewst of the United Kingdom,

We will not accept any regulatory divergence.” – Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP. How much loyalty does £1.5 billion buy you when you are Theresa May’s tories? Not much it would seem. Having briefed that there was a deal on the Northern Irish border earlier in the day, Theresa May’s Tories were left embarrassed by their informal coalition partners today.

What’s worse, is that this is the exact situation Theresa May & the Tories scared the British Public with in 2010, 2015, and 2017 – a ‘coalition of chaos’.

What is more chaotic than this present state of affairs?

There is a sick twisted irony to this turn of events, given the warnings from the right wing about a ‘coalition of chaos’. Theresa May said in 2015 about the possibility of a Labour & SNP deal:

‘I think people are genuinely concerned by the prospect of the SNP calling the shots. I think in constitutional terms the shots will be called by somebody who wouldn’t even be in Parliament.(meaning Nichola Sturgeon).’

The leader of the DUP is not in Parliament. She just turned Theresa May’s #Brexit negotiations upside down.

The Theresa May just lost her own argument. As the host of question time said during the election, it is:

“Game set & Match. May has lost.” – David Dimbleby

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