“Jeremy Corbyn is playing this beautifully” – The Right Wing press are turning on Theresa May & the Tories.


No, you aren’t dreaming. The Right Wing hack behind Dodgy David Cameron’s ‘PigGate’ scandal did say this, on live television:

“Jeremy Corbyn is playing this beautifully.

There is a much more worrying bigger picture here for the Conservatives in the opportunity that they have created for Jeremy Corbyn to underline his case:

that unfettered free markets do’t work, and that somehow or other Carillion symbolises everything that is wrong about the system.

I don’t think most voters are particularly ideological – they just want things to work.

But if the government are seen to be incompetent on this scale, it does create a vaccuum for the leader of the Labour Party – and he’s doing that very effectively.”


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