“Julie is a tetraplegic & can’t do anything for herself. Julie will be attending the Job Centre on Monday morning.”

“To all who know me and know my wife Julie, the Government have in their wisdom taken Julie off her employment and support allowance due to an oversight on my behalf and now has been given her P45 to start looking for a job/work.
Julie is a tetraplegic due to hypoxic brain damage and can’t do anything for herself. Julie will be attending the job centre on Monday morning after the miracle worker has been and rid her of her disabilities.
For some who are wondering what my oversight was it is as follows………… I received the letter asking for Julie to attend an interview……….I put that letter in a safe place and on the morning of the interview I forgot all about it,
I received a letter to explain why she didn’t attend, so I told the truth and said that I had forgotten, they sent out a reply stating that they were not accepting my reason and removed Julie from her benefit, I appealed for the decision to be changed and a new interview to take place, yesterday I received there reply that they were sticking to the original decision and removed Julies benefits.
Vince Paul Rodger.

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