Lord Pannick admits unsigned extension letter obeys the law – The incompetent Benn Act was badly drafted


“I think the Prime Minister is on the right side of the law on this occasion.

The Benn Act required him to send a letter to the president of the European Council seeking an extension and that’s what he’s done.

The Act doesn’t require that he’s signed the letter.

My view is that he’s on the right side of the law – just about – on this occasion.” – Lord Pannick.

If only the drafters of the Benn Act had written that a “signed Letter must be sent.”
Rank incompetence from the Blairites. This reminds me of the £25 poll tax they imposed on their own members to price Corbyn supporters out of voting – only to see it flood the coffers of the Labour Party.
That backfired, too.
Dominic Cummings was right when he said “there are loopholes”.

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