May’s ‘government’ continues to collapse as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigns – is the UK heading for a 3rd General Election in 5 years?


As Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigns, following the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis, the question must be asked: How can Theresa May and the Tories possibly continue? They have had their chance to manage Brexit, and they have completely ballsed it up.

The Tory ‘government’ is on the brink of collapse. Where are the Blairites? Propping up Theresa May, of course. Anything to reduce the chances of Corbyn becoming PM.

Theresa May promised the 17.4 million Leave voters that “Brexit means Brexit”, and is now offering them “Brexit in name only” – the Tory government have never been weaker than they are right now.

We should be getting a General Election. Instead we’re getting another Establishment stitch up.

When Tories are saying about their leader that:

“History will show we needed great Statesmanship – what we’ve got is childish nonsense.”

It is obvious that the Conservative government of Theresa May is unable to sustain itself, even with the £1.5 billion bung they gave to the DUP.

Here, former Brexit Secretary David Davis’s deputy demonstrates on national TV that the Tories are completely unravelling – and that they are absolutely terrified of a Corbyn led Labour government with John McDonnell at the helm.

“The PM’s team are jumping the sinking ship. Far from strong and stable, there are ministers overboard & the ship is listing – all at the worst possible time.”

Theresa May faces howls of derision and laughter as she squirms through the emergency statement on the resignations of the Brexit Secretary David Davis & the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

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