Result of the 2nd Ballot for the new Speaker of the House of Commons


Lindsay Hoyle extends his lead after second round of voting, but still short of 50% needed
Ken Clarke has just read out the results of the second round of voting.

Here they are (with the results from the first round in brackets).

Sir Lindsay Hoyle: 244 (211)

Dame Eleanor Laing: 122 (113)

Chris Bryant: 120 (98)

Harriet Harman: 59 (72)

Dame Rosie Winterton: 30 (46)

Winterton has now been eliminated.

Hoyle has extended his lead, but he is still short of the votes he needs.

Harriet Harman withdraws

Harriet Harman withdraws from election for Speaker
In the chamber Ken Clarke has just announced that Harriet Harman is pulling out.

That means there are three candidates left: Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Dame Eleanor Laing, and Chris Bryant.

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