“Universal Credit is designed to wear people down.”


“I was in our local chip shop this evening and talking to the chap doing the frying.

He is an amputee, only one leg and was telling me the problems he experienced when the DWP switched his benefits to Universal Credit.

It took 9 months during which time he only had Disability Living Allowance coming in.

He and his wife face losing their home in that time but despite his DLA payments he had to provide evidence of his disability.

Medical records were not good enough, nor the word of his doctor only a trip to Ipswich to see a specialist chosen by the DWP was acceptable so this fella had to go all the way to Ipswich roll up his trouser leg so the specialist could write back to the DWP and confirm the man only had one leg!!

It’s clear the issues with UC are deliberate in the delays…..designed to wear the claimant down until they are so sick of waiting they find work or lose their homes. However it happens each person who gives up is another off the unemployment figures!”

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