Watson’s replacement in West Brom, Ibrahim Dogus, pays his staff £3.87 per hour – and the payslips prove it


“Dogus claimed to be a living wage employer on LabourList, but indirectly admitted that his restaurants do not pay the living wage (although claimed that they host charity and Labour events to compensate for it). He’s also admitted on Twitter that they do not pay the living wage.

After speaking to former employees from his restaurants, when Dogus was director of Rimad in 2016 he was paying his staff a poverty wage of £3.87 – the under-18 minimum rate at the time and literally the least anyone could be paid.

Employees provided payslips which confirm this.” – Obi Saiq

This is from October 2019. In October 2019, the minimum wage for under 18s was £4.35. It’s against the law for under 18s to work 47.6 hours per week unless there are exceptional circumstances. These working conditions were the norm in this business.

That’s not Labour. That’s exploitation.

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