What will a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn do?



1.) £10 minimum wage, with cover for small businesses via the N.I.B. (see No. 7 below).
2.) No increase in N.I. or Income Tax if earning less than £80k a year (those earning slightly above receiving a modest increase – 5% of the working populace).
3.) Scrapping tuition fees.
4.) Scrapping NHS car parking charges.
5.) Bringing the NHS back into public ownership.
6.) Reversing cuts to Corporation/Capital Gains Tax, which will recoup billions, basically by getting Amazon/Google/Media/Press Organizations/McD’s etc to pay a bit extra tax (small businesses are protected through the N.I.B. – see No. 7 below).
7.) Creation of National Investment Bank (N.I.B.) to allow revenues to return to the economy.
8.) Nationalised Rail Network.
9.) Nationalised Energy Company using renewables as source.
10.) Increase funding for the conventional Armed Forces, and renewing Trident.
11.) 4 extra public Bank Holidays.
12.) Free school meals for all primary school kids – funded by slightly raised taxes from private schools.
13.) Protecting the triple-lock pensions.
14.) Renationalisation of the Royal Mail, and creation of Post Bank.
15.) Reversal of cuts to the disabled.
16.) Scrapping the Bedroom Tax.
17.) Scrapping Benefits Sanctions.
18.) Creation of a National Education Service – including access to Further and Higher Education, free at the point of use for all.
19.) Creation of a Tourism Dept. responsible for promoting and increasing growth in a lucrative industry that increases revenue.
20.) Improved services/support for the disabled (see Mini-Manifesto below).
21.) Tackling illegal immigration and unchecked immigration, and faster deportations of those overstaying.
22.) Tackling illegal and aggressive tax evasion/avoidance, fines to businesses using unethical practices or trading with unethical states, and prompter payments of fines to small businesses by the bigger ones.
23.) Creation of a new Cabinet position with a Minister for Peace.
24.) Helping to aid the Kurds and the Y.P.G. (People’s Protection Group) – who are directly appealing to YOU to vote Labour (see link below) so it helps with destroying Daesh/ISIS and removing their supply of weaponry.
25.) Increase in yearly Policing Budget of £300,000.
26.) 10,000 extra Police Officers on the beat.
27.) Free Bus travel for under-25’s.
28.) Construction of low rent Council Housing, and better provision of affordable housing, with wider availability and a lower threshold of what is classed as ‘affordable’.
29.) Fully committed to leaving the European Union, although have not ruled out a 2nd referendum.


The total cost to implement will be roughly £80/90bn. Just to put that into perspective, the Tories have spent over £700bn. so far, and our national debt is now in the trillions.

Vote Labour!

For the many, not the few – instead of the few and not for you!”

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