When will we stop propping up a country which exports terrorism as government policy?



Imagine if instead of Gideon’s bibles, we let the Westborough Baptist Church give their edition of the bible to the convicts in our prisons? Thanks to the Conservatives, extremist Wahaabi copies of the Qu’ran, from Saudi Arabia, are handed out in our prisons.

Those prisons are being privatised, resulting in a degradation of the standards under which they are operating – this means they have turned into radicalisation centres. When people come out of those prisons, the chances for them to commit more crime is up, as are the opportunities. Why? The Tories have also slashed the Police & Security Services budget.

Thanks to the Conservatives, our police forces have seen a 22% budget cut. We’ve lost 32,000 police staff in that time, including 20,000 front line officers. Twelve of the remaining officers were needed to violently drag a peaceful protester away from Theresa May’s PR stunt in Wrexham yesterday. The victims of Manchester can justifiably ask whether reducing their police budget by 22% afforded them the same sense of security the Tory leader enjoyed yesterday.

“Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary, agreed £1 million or thereabouts for a man who went on to commit a significant terrorist act that killed many people.”

Many will point to immigration as the cause of this problem. If that’s the case, as Home Secretary Theresa May promised, year on year, to ‘get control of immigration’. By her own metric she failed, and as a consequence, the British Public voted to leave the EU.

We need to talk about the Wahaabi terrorism that is Saudi Arabian sponsored, inspired and encouraged – most notably in the philosophy and strategy of ISIS. The cancerous strain of Islam that leads to these events has a name, has a source, and has a state backing it. The sooner we all figure that out, the better off we shall all be.

ISIS & the Tories have something in common. Both have taken money from Saudi Arabia. In 1993 former Tory Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine met the Saudis on behalf of the Conservatives and arranged for a £7 million donation.

In the present day Saudi Arabia has been inexplicably re elected to sit on the United Nations Human Rights Council – despite its recent atrocities committed against the Yemeni people – with logistical, technical & political support from the UK & USA, on top of generous weapons sales. How does taking money from & selling weapons to the people who bankroll ISIS & their ideology ‘keep us safe’?


2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama was advised by legal counsel that a $1.3 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia last year might make him a collaborator in war crimes by arming a campaign that deliberately targets civilians. The UK has made similar arms deals under both David Cameron & Theresa May.

Donald Trump has taken millions in profits from various Saudi Princes and courtiers. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, had been pivotal in arming the Saudis, who have also paid millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation.

The UK & US political establishments and their bovine media are quick to castigate the sickeningly violent actions of ISIS, and yet they fail to condemn war crimes and the deliberate targeting of civilians, having spent decades supporting and arming Saudi Arabia, they are silent about its ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians through it’s conventional armed forces, as well as through the disgusting Wahaabi ideaology that attacked Manchester last night.

Wahaabiism has been used for decades as part of Saudi Arabia’s designed defence and domestic strategy – exporting radicalised young men to the rest of the Middle East, and further, in an effort to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ – they don’t cause trouble for the Saudi Royal family, and instead cause trouble for Saudi Arabia’s rivals.

As an added bonus to the Saudis the Wahaabiis attack Saudi Arabia’s rivals without it being blamed on Saudi Arabia – which keeps all that Western Money and backing flowing in.

As we learned in the Troubles of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, these issues are only ever solved once we honestly try to understand what the problem is.

Calling this ‘radical islamic terrorism’ is not quite accurate. It’s radical Saudi Arabian terrorism.

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