“Due to sheer numbers, the Police couldn’t stop them” – Dutch Farmers’ protest causes 1,100km traffic jam in Holland


“I live in Holland. As part of a protest against unfair treatment of the farming community, several thousand farmers and their tractors invaded The Hague this morning, to protest.

The resultant traffic jam throughout The Netherlands was the worst ever seen – over 1,100km of still-standing traffic. Due to sheer numbers, the Police couldn’t stop the tractors entering the motorway system and bringing it to a standstill.

The farmers have caused utter chaos in the capital, to the point that the Dutch equivalent of a COBRA meeting has been convened.

I have a feeling that there are many Brexit supporters that are farmers. I wonder whether such a protest, in the event that Brexit were to be delayed / corrupted, could not be organised, and what the effect would be?

I would add that they have huge popular support! 😉

Video here:


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