2018 Election Result (live updates): “With this share of the vote we are setting ourselves up to win a General Election.”



Seats Won

Labour: 2350(+77)
Conservative: 1332(-33)
Liberal Democrat: 536(+75)
Green: 39(+8)
UKIP: 3(-123)
Independent: 144(-4)

Vote Share

Labour: 35% Con: 35% LD: 16%

“Labour have achieved a solid set of results and consolidated the advances made at last year’s general election.

In these elections we have won seats across England in places we have never held before.

We won Plymouth from the Tories, who lost control of Trafford, their flagship northern council. And Labour has won even more council seats than at our high water mark of 2014.”

I pay tribute to the energy, talent and enthusiasm of Labour members and supporters.

In a sign of how worried they are about Labour’s advance, the Tories talked up our chances to unrealistic levels, especially in London.”

The results show they’re right to be worried – we came within a whisker of winning Wandsworth for the first time in over 40 years.” The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn