Tory MP for Thanet questioned & cautioned by Police for Electoral Fraud


“MPs feel completely cast adrift….left to fend for themselves. We didn’t create this mess, the clever dicks at Conservative Central Headquarters did, and I don’t see their professional reputations being trashed in the media much.”

Tory MP Craig McKinlay in a leaked email to party chairman, Patrick McLoughlin

Anyone wondering why Theresa May offered Nigel Farage a peerage just got their answer……the police just interviewed the Tory MP that took the Thanet seat Farage Contested in 2015.

“The Conservative Party advised us that the so-called campaign ‘battle buses’ were, as at previous general elections and in keeping with the practice of both the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats, a national campaign expense.

This meant that they were not to be declared in our own election expenses.”

Tory MP Craig McKinlay in a statement after having been questioned by police.

Tories are “Bang to Rights” on #ToryElectionFraud


Tory PM Theresa May’s own Chief of Staff Nick Timothy has also been implicated in this scandal. After stealing 29 marginal seats from the Liberal Democrats & the UK Independence Party (UKIP),Theresa May has now criminally blocked the voters for those parties having their democratic voices heard in the post Brexit settlement.

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