#ToryElectionFraud – Civil War in the Conservative Party


Much is made of Labour’s divisions, but at present all is not well with the Tories.

We’ve had Numbers 10 & 11 Downing Street at war over who was at fault for the latest in a lengthening line of Tory omnishambles budgets. We’ve had the battle of the blondes as Boris Johnson & Michael Heseltine beat their chests at each other over Brexit. In the wake of the ongoing #ToryElectionFraud scandal the Tory Party Chairman during the elections implicated in the Tory Election Fraud has pointed the finger of blame at Theresa May’s Top Aid, presumably in an effort to save his own skin.

At this point some might make a reference to ‘Rats on a Sinking Ship’, but as our namesake taught us, the Tories are even lower than that…

“I remember discovering partway through the campaign, I think, that Timothy was actually down full-time in Thanet. The wider issue is, were election expenses bust, and you can’t hire a hotel without applying any of that to local expenditure. And it just happens that Nick seems to have been orchestrating a lot of the activity down there, and he’s definitely front and centre of it, unfortunately from his point of view.”

Tory Party Chairman under David Cameron, Grant Schapps – who was also implicated in the horrendous tory Bullying scandal in which a Young Tory activist took their own life, and bizarrely tried to convince certain people his name was Michael Green – has accused Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s Chief of Staff, of orchestrating the Electoral Fraud scandal that Tsaw ory MP Craig MacKinlay questioned under caution by Police in Thanet yesterday.

This comes after revelations from Two ex-Tory activists who blew the lid off the Tory election fraud scandal.

Theresa May, the Conservative Prime Minister, was not elected by the British People. With twisted irony, she was selected as a result of the demand of the British people for their democracy back – a demand which precipitated the resignation of her predecessor, Dodgy Dave. 

May was selected by the Tory Parliamentary Party, 9% of whom sit in constituencies which are under criminal investigation for Electoral Fraud  as is the Tory Party HQ. In any other election, 9% of the ballots being declared unfit would render the election null and void – which brings new light to the strange shut down we saw in the so called election process that pantomimed the country through the succession from Cameron to May.

The majority of the British people that voted to leave the EU did so, primarily, to ‘return democracy to our island’.

Given this fact, it is a sickening reality that the Party who seem to have stolen the 2015 election is in charge of negotiating the constitutional settlement of Brexit. Having taken seats off the Liberal Democrats & UKIP, who are on opposite sides of the Brexit result, the sense of disenfranchisement is doubled.

In every sense of the word, we are currently ruled by a government we didn’t elect.  It is important to remember that due to resignations of back bench MPs like former Prime Minister David Cameron, the Tory majority in Parliament under this unelected Prime Minister is down to just 12.

If the Tory Party continues to split over Brexit, Theresa May might be the second Tory leader Jeremy Corbyn will have seen off as leader of the Opposition.

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