Theresa May & the Tories questioned on #ToryElectionFraud


“Does she agree with me that this (Tory Election Fraud scandal) is at best wilful negligence, and at worst pure electoral fraud?

Last week the Electoral Commission gave out it’s largest ever fine for ElectionFraud. What did the PM, the Cabinet & her aids know about any of this? Who was responsible for designing and signing off on this activity?”

Today Theresa May was questioned on #ToryElectionFraud during #PrimeMinistersQuestions, after The Labour Party‘s Dennis Skinner finally mentioned it in the Commons last week.

The Tory leader just changed the official Tory excuse on this – previously the Tory Party had blamed the individual Tory MPs, now May is saying the Central Office at Tory Party HQ is taking responsibility.

The Conservatives have gone from denying there was any ever wrong doing, to admitting there was wrong doing but that it was the fault of local, to admitting there was wrong doing but falsely accusing everyone else of doing it too, and now, finally, the central HQ at the Tory Party are being told, by their own Party leader, that it is their responsibility.

The majority Theresa May exercise in the House of Commons is the majority in question. she inherited it from ‘Dodgy’ David Cameron, who himself has been grilled repeatedly on this ever since the scandal was revealed by the Channel 4 reporter Michael Crick.

The tories have received a record fine for fraudulent overspending in an election – but that fine was only for 3 cases. There are 26 other cases. If enough of them result in by elections, this scandal could wipe out the Tory Majority in Parliament.

Coming as it does in tandem with the Brexit vote and the passing of Article50, this scandal strikes to the beating heart of the British Constitution.

Facts on Tory Election Fraud :

Theresa May’s Chief of Staff directly implicated.
2 Tory MPs questioned & cautioned by the Police.
3 Tory MPs cases have resulted in a £70,000 fine.
12 Tory MPs have had cases handed in to the Crime Prosecution service.
12 Tory MPs cases still to make an announcement.
29 Tory MPs implicated in a criminal defrauding of elections to the British Parliament. The Tories have a majority of 12.

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