Former Israeli Prime Minister hanged two British Sergeants and booby trapped their bodies.


“Yes, the Jewish terror organizations of Palestine did kill plenty of British soldiers. Both in combat, and outside of it – including unarmed ones and ones in captivity.

The primary perpetrators were the Lehi and the Irgun. The two most famous incidents are the Sergeants affair and the King David Hotel bombing.

In the Sergeants Affair, the Irgun commander (and future Israeli prime minister) Menachem Begin sought to kidnap British soldiers to use as bargaining chips so as to get the Brits to release Irgun terrorists they had sentenced to be executed.

They succeeded in capturing Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice, murdered them when they didn’t get the concessions they wanted, and then booby-trapped their bodies.

When the Brits didn’t release the convicted terrorists, Begin had the two sergeants executed, hung in a tree, and had the bodies booby-trapped.”