The Thinning Blue Line: ONS reports crime surge after Theresa May guts Police Force budgets. Officers say Tory policy is “criminal”


“The bottom line is there will be less cops. There is only so much you can cut and make efficiencies and then you’ve got to have less police and I’m not sure that’s wise in this city.” – former met police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Police forces are at dangerously low numbers, such that historic and previously unseen strike action has been considered. Frontline officers have been replaced by PCSOs. Station staff have been replaced by Private Security firms, all to feed the Tory mantra of running down public services. The result? The ONS stated that there had been: “near-continual decline in police recorded crime between 2004 and 2014, but since the year ending March 2014, total police recorded crime had increased.”

Under the Tories in 2016 there were:

  1. 697 homicides recorded, up 21% from 576 in 2015. (These included 96 cases of manslaughter from the 1989 Hillsborough disaster recorded by a coroner last April)
  2. 32,448 knife crimes recorded – an increase of 14% on the previous year
  3. 39,355 rapes recorded, up 13%
  4. 5,864 firearms offences, up by 13% largely due to a rise in crimes involving handguns
  5. 55,824 robberies, a rise of 10%
  6. 92,868 car thefts – 16% more than in 2015

As Tory Home Secretary Theresa May cut the Police Budget by 22%, losing over 32,000 staff from our Police Forces. She is now ( #ToryElectionFraud not withstanding) the Prime Minister – and one of those Police, PC Keith Palmer, gave their life to make sure that she and the UK Parliament was safe.


Theresa May’s Conservative Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been slashing our NHS & Paramedics services for 7 years, putting the NHS in a state of “Humanitarian crisis”, according to the British Red Cross. Those NHS staff her Health Secretary & Tory Party have been vilifying – with the help of the Traditional Newsplatforms & Political Establishment – went out and tended to the wounded, and collected the dead after the recent attack on the UK Parliament.

The Tories have spent the last 7 years slashing funding to our Emergency Services – they cannot continue to cut these services and at the same time claim to be keeping the Public safe. Also, given that our Debt to GDP was 69% in 2010 and has risen to 91% under the tories, the question must be asked – where has all the money saved from Austerity actually gone to?

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