“May’s Chequers White Paper is ridiculous – we are headed towards a no deal Brexit”


Jason J Hunter, pro Remain activist:

“I know I promised to write a piece on the Governments White Paper but having now read it a couple of times and perused it we should probably begin with the Article 50 process.

Here is how the steps of the negotiations work:

1. The UK told the EU we are leaving.

2. The EU said fine, but you do understand that we have international Treaties and we will have to negotiate with you under the rules of those Treaties. Here’s a copy of the rules.

3. The UK then has to provide a proposal that is within the rules for the EU to ratify by a committed deadline of October 2018.

4. Two years after step 1 and 2 the UK put together a document that is in direct conflict with 2 and called it a detailed white paper that will answer all outstanding issues.

This white paper creates more questions than it answers, still no solution as to how we will be able to negotiate new trade deals under WTO rules without border controls on the island of Ireland, 80% of our economy isn’t even considered within the paper, we both will not be bound by ECJ judgements while at the same time as being bound by them and we will not abide by EU rules and regulations except for when we will abide by EU rules and regulations.

The entire document is simply ridiculous. All 105 pages.

And there’s and interesting point, my copy that I downloaded within minutes of release on the Government website has 105 pages, some journalists have 98 pages, other reporters talk about it being 88 pages. You have to wonder how many versions of the Government document are flying around…. and I haven’t even mentioned the one on the Conservative Home website which isn’t even a Government approved version.

Oh and if you live in an EFTA country, a Crown Dependency or a British Overseas Territory then you’ve been completely ignored. Bit weird that since Gibraltar would need a new hard border all around the rock in order for the white paper proposals to actually work.

Folks, we are headed toward a NO DEAL CLIFF EDGE Brexit. That is the only Brexit that ever existed. There is no soft Brexit or Jobs First Brexit…. there is only a Hard Brexit or no Brexit.

Since we now know that a hard Brexit will devastate the UK and according do the Chair of our own Parliamentary Committee on Security and Intelligence suggesting that this would lead to a State of Emergency being declared in February next year, I simply cannot believe that our Sovereign Parliament will allow a hard Brexit to go ahead.

What options do we have? Let this corruption of a Government carry on with what they are doing for another couple of months (while shouting out about the stupidity of it) and let them eat themselves up by October when it will be clear that with all the greatest minds in the UK not a single one can come up with a proposal for a Successful Brexit. October – a vote of no confidence in the Government supported by two thirds of the HoC and a general election called. Labour will fall apart and Corbyn will have to go since he doesn’t represent 60% of the Labour party that claim to be Remainers, the Tory infighting will kill them off and we may end up with a 4 party coalition Government for national unity.

As a result we ask the EU for an extension of A.50 and use that time to have a Peoples Vote to secure our application to remain in the EU.

There is no alternative.

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